A Passion For Solutions


Spring design and manufacturing is an engineering discipline practiced empirically but with a dash of artistic flair. The use of charts, tables and software programs streamline the process through a series of mathematical iterations.

However, ultimate optimisation of the entire process – design through to the finished product – requires effective applications of sound design methodologies, material characteristics and production economics as well as extensive knowledge of modern machine capabilities.


Our stable of machines cover a range of complexities from simple Compression coilers with 2 axes through our ‘Spring Forming Centre’ to the latest CNC machines with 13 axes.

We process wire with diameters from 0.05mm to the largest of 5.00mm.

Compression coilers
Wire size Ø 0.05mm to 5.00mm

Extension, Universal coilers and Torsion winders
Wire size Ø 0.10mm to 4.00mm

Compression Springs
Wire size Ø 0.05mm to Ø5.00mm

Extension Springs
Wire size Ø 0.10mm to 4.00mm

Flat Springs

Torsion Springs
Wire size Ø 0.10mm to 4.00mm

Wire Forms
Wire size Ø 0.10mm to 4.00mm