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Spiral Torsion Springs

Spiral Torsion Springs

Wire size Ø 0.10mm to 4.00mm

Spiral springs are characterized by the requirement that their coils do not touch during operation. The springs are wound flat on an arbor, usually with a space between the coils. Spiral springs are normally used in applications where axial space is limited and a large amount of torque is needed through a small amount of rotation.

Spiral Torsion Springs are generally made of rectangular section material such as flat strip with round edges, as the highest stress point on this type of spring is the outside edge of the strip. Material with a round edge or material rolled from round wire produces the highest quality spring.

A spiral torsion spring delivers its force (torque) in a rotary motion and normally rotates less than 360 degrees. The torque available per revolution is linear for the first 360 degrees. If the springs are rotated more than one turn the coils often “close out” or come into contact with each other, which introduces friction between the coils, resulting in erratic force readings.

They include hair springs; brush springs; motor, power springs, or clock springs; constant force springs and spiral torsion springs and are used as brush springs in D.C. motors, anti-backslash springs, alternators, counter balance springs and seat-belt retractors.

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